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Create a "pause" status for books I'm reading#267

Some times, I’m unable to finish a book in a certain amount of time (and have to return it to the library). It can take time before I can get the book again and read it. When this happens, I’m unable to keep track of my page number/progress until I start reading again.
I currently just have to leave that book as another book in the “Currently Reading” section which can be cluttering. I would appreciate it if there was a “Paused” or “Temporary Hiatus” status of sorts that would not show up under Currently Reading, but still allow me to track my reading progress.

Developmentwise, one difference this would make is that for the read dates, instead of just started and finished, a pause date might be appreciated though that’s just a technicality. (This is to simply keep track of how far I read on certain read dates/timeframes.

a year ago

I feel the exact same way! Actually also just created a suggestion of the same sort and am glad to see that so many people agree with yours! I would love to be able to put a book “on hold” :) and same with the reading date hihi

a year ago

Would be so cool to have this! I am so often starting multiple books, but then taking forever to finish them, just letting them gather dust until I am ready again to pick them up and continue reading from where I was done.

a year ago