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Merge duplicates in the library#28

When searching to build up my library, there are multiple entries for many books. If a friend has interacted with one it’s relatively easy to make sure I choose the same one. But there are still plenty of examples in my library where friends have read different versions of the same book, when I see a book/review on their timeline it doesn’t show up as me having read it. Recursion by Blake Crouch is one example.

For different releases of the same book I think it would make sense to have the different releases listed under a single book entry.

Unsure if this is a duplicate of: Different editions#27

2 months ago
Changed the status to
2 months ago

As a note on this, I’ve noticed that some books that have been imported from Goodreads show up with no information associated- no cover art, no book description. Some books have so many duplicate editions and a good chunk of those are missing key information

2 months ago