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[Highlights] Use correct quotes/apostrophs#348

What I want:
When creating a highlight by scanning a text, I want to have the scanned/correct typographic quotes to be used in the scanned text.

Text in the Book (which is scanned):
“It’s true. There’s a train, and a train, and a train.”

What’s currently happening:.
This text will be translated/scanned as following:
"It's true. There's a train, and a train, and a train."

Take a close look at the quotes itself. This " is the quote used to tell seconds (the unit) and not used to quote an actual quote. The correct english quotes begin with (looks like 66 in serif) and end with (looks like 99 in serif)

Use the same typographic characters like in the scanned content. Or replace them according to language.

More background and detailed explaination of quotes can be found in this article about typographic quotes (only german tho).

a month ago